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Bringing Japanese Udon to the world

We promote Udon as a food culture representing Japan to both domestic and international consumers and distributors.
We aim to raise the visibility of Udon, to increase consumption, and to expand both domestic and international tourism.

Many regions of Japan have their own traditional types of Udon. These are often closely connected to the local soil, customs, culture, and manufacturing industries of these areas. Udon has become famous as the local cuisine of these areas, in some cases the type of Udon even become a euphemism for the region as a whole.

In Japan fresh noodles and dried noodles are represented by separate organizations. At the moment there is no unified representative body for Udon.

There are several events that are enjoying popularity across Japan, including the Nippon Ramen Association's "Tokyo Ramen Show" or the "B-1 Grand Prix" hosted by Ai B League Association.
We would like to start a showcase event similar to the Tokyo Ramen Show that includes all the Udon associations and fan clubs together under one roof.

Business plan

  • integration of Udon Associations from around Japan
  • Dispatch of Information for Udon food culture (both domestic and international)
  • Export Promotion of Udon food culture
  • Others: business activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Japan Udon Association

Details of our proposal

  • A.International Udon Fact-finding projects and marketing
  • B.Sales promotion and PR activity for Udon as a Japanese Brand

    ⇒ Running a booth at trade shows and other events in Singapore and Thailand

  • C.To hold Udon event for general consumers within Japan

    ⇒ to hold the 1st Udon Festival (tentative name) for 2013 as scheduled

  • D.Providing information about Udon on the official website and social media such as Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • E.Operation of exchange activity visit to production area
  • F.Holding seminars or workshops
  • G.Information sharing by periodic board of director meetings

Organization chart plan

How can I become a member of the Japan Udon Association?

■Membership Agreement ■How to apply for membership of The Japan Udon Association?

・people concerned with the development and spread Udon Industries

・organization or individual agree with the above idea and plan

Please contact our head office



Branding Activities

We'll work on various activities to establish the Japanese Brand through communication and study

  • We'll establish an Association specializing in Udon including members of both Zenmen and Kanmen
  • We'll develop a strategy to establish Japan brand as Japan Udon Association
    In particular, we take measures to promote the rebranding of Udon in Japan and awareness raising exercises in the production areas
    Activities will include biannual (Spring and Autamn) "Udon Festivals" that will be rotated through different regions.
  • During these festivals we'll have discussions about traditional Udon and discuss future actions.
  • We aim that the member rate is around 40-50% based on udon consumption in our first year.
    We create an environment that enables all members associated with Udon to join.
  • We work on building the brand and coordinating views on export promotion under the leadership of Japan Udon Association
  • In paticular, unified concept, creating logo, Website authoring, production of brochure, photography of regional traditional Udon, publication of Udon history, rearranging of recipe
  • We will provide members with feedback from market research in rapidly developing Asian countries, including data on local taste preferences. Our objective is to provide indirect support for export activities.
  • We will establish Japan Brand which is a collaboration between Japanese food and Udon based on existing traditional Udon. We add extra value to Udon and also promote it.

International Marketing Activities

Establish operational framework in International market: outsource to international promoters, dispatch personnel to work locally. Conduct marketing activities, such as,market research and analysis, formulate sales strategies and continuous promotion.

  • In the beginning, Singapore will be the base of operations with future expansion to Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.
  • In the first year, we will be mainly focusing on market research and PR campaigns and will undertake the development of a framework for the sales promotions over the following years.
  • In the future, we will send our staff from the association to other countries to conduct international market research on a regular basis. As for concrete surveying methods: regular tasting events at department stores, samples at restaurants, and active participation in the JNTO international fair to keep up with current food trends.Posters promoting authentic Japanese food brands will be put up in Japanese restaurants.
  • We will regularly provide buyers and chefs who became close through PR activities with ingredients and support in creating their dishes.
  • As for continuing promotion, we will regularly attend business meetings and international fairs such as JNTO and JETRO. After the first of PR we will begin to more actively seek business opportunities.
  • As for marketing activities, we will find out what consumers generally think about Udon by offering periodic development of the menus and a questionnaire at selected restaurants.
  • Posters promoting authentic Japanese food brands will be put up in Supermarkets where Udon is available.
  • Singapore (Fu Fu Udon), Meidiya, Takashimaya, Isetan Scotts
  • Malaysia (Tokyo Street)
  • Indonesia (ZEN)
  • Thailand (?)

International Japan Brand PR

We will use a variety of advertising media, magazines, body advertisement, TV, produce and distributing pamphlets for products and set up billboards.

  • Publish a free newsletter that includes consumer responses from testing parties.
  • Create a pamphlet in which advertisements are not only focus on eating but also convey culture throughout the country, we want to appeal to people's senses by associating Udon with a variety of locations in Japan.
  • We will be planning on conducting a thorough PR on digital signage and billboard advertisements after the first year.
  • There will also be offers to TV broadcasters ingredients and tasting events to get Udon spread throughout the world.
  • Although our PR activities are basically implemented at department stores, supermarkets, retail shops and restaurants, due to the highly synergistic effect between Udon and Tourism, we think Udon can play a role in introducing traditions and cultures across the country. So we also would like to work on collaborations with tourism-related products and participate at Japan fairs to attract more tourists to the country.
  • A map of Japan which shows traditional udon is matched to its regions seasonally will be provided to Japanese restaurants overseas.
■Japan Udon Association Profile
Association name Japan Udon Association
Establisment July 11,2012
The Fiscal year The first period : July 2012-2013
After the second period: April1-March 31
Excutive officers Chairman : Shigeki Ohmine(Chairman:Sanukiudon Cooperative home)
Vice-Chairman :Tetsuji Hori(Chairman:Cooperative Mie noodle)
Director : Masaaki Sato(Chairman:Udon cooperative Inaniwa Akita Prefecture)
Director : Masahiko Takahashi(Acting General Manager:Corporate Marketing Group)
Director : Syoichiro Hamasaki(Chairman:Udon cooperative Tenobe Goto Prefecture)
Secretary General : Kazuki Iimura(CEO:Ginza farm,Inc.)
Office Address
Kitayuraku building 1F, 1-3 Ginza Chuo-ku,Tokyo104-0061, Japan
Ginza farm,Inc.
Activities 1. PR and sales promotion overseas for export.
2. Hold biannual "Udon Festival" in Japan.
3. Other activities in support of 1 and 2.
Future plans ・Participation in the Ministry of Agriculture's Project for export expansion support
・International Japan Brand PR
・International Marketing Activities

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